Lisa & Miguel

This busy executive couple were in love with Tulum and knew this was the only place to have their wedding. Lisa had her own google doc filled with ideas and her ideas were clear. We just made it happen. Our florist created colorful gorgeous flower arrangements and we surprised them with a spectacular hanging floral chandelier with cascading waterfall lights over their long wood table with their family and bridal party. We had handmade macrame items and local products incorporated into their their wedding weekend. Lisa and Miquel had custom copal cups made for the place settings and gift to their guests. The greatest joy as a wedding planner is watching all the work come together the day of the wedding and watching the family and friends experience this incredible day with each other. Oh, and the smell of Neta mezcal filling the air like perfume. I've never smelled so much mezcal in my life!

Memory Box Photography

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Alexandra & Joe

Sometimes you just might need to change your mind and make a different choice for yourselves. That's what this couple decided to do. Originally we were hired to plan a larger wedding but the stresses of the guest list made them have a second thought. So, they called me and asked if I had a date open about three weeks from then. So, we got to planning it quick. She really only had a few things that were important. Mostly it was just their commitment to each other and sharing that with just the two of them in the jungle with a gorgeous circular arch. But she sort of wanted some beach pictures too. That is where Fernando of Fernando Salas really stepped in. He offered to pick them up at their hotel, do photos on the beach at one location and then drive 25 minutes to the jungle location where they would marry. After the ceremony, he took photos of them on the phenomenal jungle property and gave them everything they asked for. After sharing in some canapés and wine they cut their cake for two and enjoyed the quiet together. That was the end of our time with them but we found them a free ride back to Tulum with leftover cake to have after dinner at their favorite restaurant on the beach road that was special to them. Alexandra kept in touch with me to share photos of their party friends and family did for them. It was all good and the were happy ever after....

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Emma & Brendan

Emma and Brendan never visited Tulum together (she had) before they contacted us but were enamored with what they had viewed online about the area. After help from us to choose their venue Emma surprised Brendan with a quick trip to Tulum and viewed where they would marry months later. You could say Brendan was smitten. With Tulum but especially with Emma! Their wedding was filled with the sweetest and soft romantic feel. The hotel served as accommodations for most guests and a beautiful place for ceremony, reception and party. Although they love Tulum beach and spent much of their time there, their dream for their wedding was jungle and greenery with a bit of hacienda thrown in.

Emma really trusted us with making decisions for them in design and decor and even a change in dinner style. When clients trust you it makes you work harder for them. And the joy on their faces all day was so worth it!

Catalina Jean Photography

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A Tulum Pueblo Oasis Wedding

Sarah & Eric are well traveled couple that love, love, love the culture of Mexico. I´ll never forget Sarah telling me she didn't want to touch sand the day of her wedding. So, how do you please a bride that wants to marry in a location with the whitest, softest sand that you ever have walked on, but not walk on? Well, that's where this venue checked the box. Everything about their wedding was culture, color and MEXICO! From Mariachi´s with bright decor and buckets of beer, Palomas chips and guacamole at their Welcome Party to terra cotta clay pots, huge candles with wax dripping on tall rustic candelabras during the ceremony. You would have thought you were in San Miquel Allende! (That's where they honeymooned) Their photographer took them offsite into the town to capture the color and essence of Tulum pueblo while their guests were served up cocktails and ceviche. When they returned they all meandered over to a family style dinner capped off with Tres Leches cake & Mexican wedding cookies. Dancing and dip in the pool followed. Yes, you read that right. Almost everyone jumped in!

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Mel & Jose

Mel was a thoughtful and sweet bride that thought of so many details to make this the best experience for her friends and family. From transportation from the airport to hangover kits the day after the wedding. They took care of everyone with a Welcome Party of casual food and cocktails the night before the wedding and a beach day too providing food and fun for them.

The wedding day was no exception. 4 adorable flower girls, 4 bridesmaids and groomsmen by their sides. Wonderful canapés and drinks after the ceremony with mariachis and a fun photo booth. They chose to have a Mexican buffet and everyone loved the food. A delicious Red Velvet cake, their favorite and made just for the two of them was cut and enjoyed. Then the first dance and traditional dances began. This group really got into the bouquet toss and garter toss! Later, after they party was in full swing the churros took centerstage! Yum!

Sea & Love Photography

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